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OTP Email verification API provided by PayPI (out of the kindness of our little hearts)
The EmailVerify API ensures an email address exists and that the user you are interacting with is the owner of the email address.
We do this by sending them a 6 digit code which they then give back to you to verify that they have access to the email account.
Example verification email


Email verification is an incredibly useful tool to help users avoid later frustration if they've incorrectly typed their email address and gives you peace of mind that the users signing up on your site are the owners of the addresses they're using.
  • Verifying a user has typed their email correctly.
  • Be sure a user owns the email address they're creating an account for.
  • Ensuring an email exists before submitting a form.
  • Prevent abusive use of others email addresses.
  • As a 2FA challenge

How does it work

1. Send a verification code

Retrieve the email address from the user, then send them a verification email using the /sendCode endpoint:
Send verification code

2. Check the verification code

The user should receive an email immediately with a 6 digit code, they should then give this code to you, and your backend can check it via the /checkCode endpoint:
Check verification code
Last modified 2yr ago