How do I get an API key?

You can get an API key from PayPI here .

What is PayPI?

PayPI allows easy API payment handling, users just need one account and can subscribe to all PayPI APIs whether they were made by the PayPI team or not.

If you're thinking about creating your own API, head here https://paypi.dev to check out what we do.

How much is it?

View our pricing here

I need some help, who do I call... ghostbusters? Nope you should contact PayPI because ghostbusters don't do APIs.

If you want to contact someone for assistance or you want to discuss our API some more, send a message to hello@paypi.dev and we'll see what we can do (we're no ghostbusters but we're pretty good with APIs).

Is this API ready for production use?

Yes! We run on AWS lambda and thus can scale to almost any demand.

Our codes are cryptographically secure and should you need longer, or alphanumeric codes please get in touch directly.

Is there any rate limiting?

Where should I be calling your API from?

You should call our API from your backend, if you were to do it from your frontend you would have to expose your API key to the public so we do not recommend this.

Do you have any client libraries?

We don't currently have any client libraries, but if there's demand we'll certainly make some. Let us know at hello@paypi.dev if that's something you're looking for and which languages you'd like to have a library for.

Can I get discounts for large numbers of requests?

We do offer very competitive pricing, although we're always open to new things ;) , so shoot us an email to hello@paypi.dev and we can probably help you out.

Do you sell my data?

No! We do not make any money (or other gains) from anything other than API requests, it's that simple.

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